Covid-19 Safety

Keep Calm and Cook On!

COVID-19 | The Food Hub Cookery School

UPDATE: We are hoping to re-open on 12th April and will be in touch with you directly if you are booked onto a course before then which needs to be rescheduled.

When we are open our cover statement is as follows:

The health and safety of our customers and team is a priority in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you of the actions we have taken to make our school COVID-Secure.

To ensure your safety on our courses, we’ve introduced a few new measures and taken some extra precautions…

We ask that where possible all attendees wear masks inside the school for the duration of the course. We ask that attendees bring along a mask, however we do have masks available too.

All class sizes will be reduced for the foreseeable future to ensure social distancing in our school. All staff and customers should adhere to the 1 meter+ distancing rule where possible. This is achieved by the spacing of our island units in our large kitchen.

We carried out a full deep clean and sanitisation of the school prior to re-opening. We have also increased the cleaning schedule for highly touched areas including door handles. All internal doors will also be kept open for your safety.

We’ll direct you to your kitchen workstations one at a time – and dining will be in a new format due to the limitations in the size of our dining room.

We ask that you wash your hands before class commences and use the hand sanitiser provided on entry. Throughout the day we ensure staff and customers are continuously washing and sanitising their hands.

All equipment, dish-ware, glassware and cutlery continue to be sanitised according to our normal business practices.

If you are attending a course that has to be cancelled or postponed due to government restrictions (ie. lockdown). You will be contacted by the school to rearrange the course. 

If you are unable to attend a course due to illness or suspected Covid-19 symptoms please contact the school. In this scenario our cancellation policy will apply. 

If you feel unwell, please stay home and stay safe. ​​Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

If you have any queries or questions please contact us on 01728862062 or email