Outdoor: Weber BBQ Course

Wednesday 25th May | 11am – 3pm



Perfect for anyone looking to learn the Weber® way of cooking, this introductory course will teach you how to achieve consistently great results with classic barbecue dishes. You will learn must-have barbecue skills, such as lighting, controlling temperature and how to tell when your food is cooked to perfection.

Using Weber’s lid-on technique on both charcoal and gas barbecues, an expert chef will spend two and a half hours teaching you the best way to cook a number of all time barbecue classics.

As part of this course you’ll be asked to prepare your own juicy cheeseburgers and be taught how to cut and portion a whole chicken, using the various pieces to create a succulent barbecued chicken dish. The chef will also show just one of the many possibilities to expand your barbecue menu with a demonstration of the famous “beer can chicken.”

The menu will include:

  • Seared sesame salmon skewers with picked cucumber spinach dip
  • Perfect sausages
  • Corn on the cob with chilli butter
  • Barbecued chicken marinated in lemon garlic and oyster sauce
  • Ultimate Burger with bacon jam
  • Classic beer chicken with smoked paprika and herb butter
  • White chocolate Pizza with mascarpone and toasted marshmallows

Book your place on the Weber Grill Academy website.