Cooking Club: Pizza & Pasta | £45

Evening Cooking Club | Wednesday 29th June | 6pm – 8pm


Join us for an evening pizza and pasta class with Ooni award-winning pizza ovens. You’ll enjoy a night of pizza-making and master the art of making delicious homemade pasta!

The class will teach you how to prepare a delicious pizza base and pasta dough. For the pizza, you will learn how to to mix, knead and stretch the dough. Learn how to prepare a traditional tomato sauce using the best ingredients and explore a range of toppings. You will create topping combinations using a range of quality cheeses, cured meats, and vegetables. For the pasta, you will learn how to make fresh pasta dough and learn how to shape and roll pasta and also fill it.

You will learn the art of making the perfect pizza before baking your own pizza in an Ooni Koda pizza oven. You will then enjoy your hard-work as you sit down and feast on the pizza you have created.

The class will run from 6pm until 8pm and include supper. This masterclass will offer a hands-on experience and include all the ingredients, equipment, refreshments and recipes for the day.

Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed through our online booking system, to book a place please call 01728 862062 or email

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